Just one story from the bloodsoaked birth of free Timor


The Sydney Morning Herald have run an article about A Guerra da Beatriz. It was written by visiting journalist Wendy Frew who spent time with some of the cast and crew recently in Dili where post production is currently underway. “Historians often say the past is a foreign country but in East Timor it’s a thread that runs through the fabric of daily life…” continue reading here The article has recently also been re-printed in the Brisbane Times and Melbourne’s […]

The President’s Magazine


In May 2012, the new issue of the President of Timor Leste’s Magazine feature an article on A Guerra da Beatriz. To view the article and some of the great images from the first part of filming, visit the website for the President’s magazine here.

In The Papers


The Sunday Age and Sydney Morning Herald, January 1st 2012, herald in the New Year by featuring ‘A Guerra da Beatriz’, a new film for a new year. In the Extra section you can check out the lead story “Of Love and War” by Natalie Craig, a journalist who spent a week on set during the filming of East Timor’s first feature film. “East Timor’s first feature film revisits the tiny nation’s tortured struggle for independence, writes Natalia Craig. The […]