The Cast

The cast features Irim Tolentino as Beatriz. ¬†Irim is an original member of the reknowned Bibi Bulak theatre company in East Timor. She worked on Balibo and has starred in many local theatre and television productions. ¬†Jose Da Costa plays Tomas. Jose is East Timor’s most experienced actor. He played major roles in Answered by Fire and Balibo.

The film also introduces three remarkable child actors who play the main characters when they were young. Sandra da Costa as Young Beatriz, Eugenio Soares as Young Tomas and Doretea Soares as Young Teresa. The film has uncovered a remarkable acting family in Dili. Augusta Soares, who plays the adult Teresa, and Eugenio and Doretea are all brothers and sisters. Sandra is their cousin. They all came from the Criansas Unidas theatre group.

Osme Gonsalves, a well known musician, performer and artist, plays the role of Father Nicolau. Osme also worked on Balibo and was a member of the Bibi Bulak theatre company.

The role of Celestino dos Anjos, who fought with Australian troops in World War 2 and was later given a medal by the Australian government, is played by Commander Funu Lakan, a former Falantil resistance fighter who is now serving with the Timorese Army (F-FDTL).